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Hard Dumplings a Soldiers Treat

When cooking a modern recipe with a dozen ingredients in a well stocked kitchen with a stove, eight pans, twenty spoons of various sizes, dozens of mixing bowls and every other convenience, I can’t help but look back to poor … Continue reading

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Parmesan Cheese Tart

  Ok, I am obviously some kind of cheese pie freak, and I admit this is my third cheesecake type recipe in the last couple of months, but you will just have to bear with me. In the past, we … Continue reading

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Raised Hearth with Oven Paintings

Many folks have expressed interest in the raised hearth and oven we use in our 18th century cooking video series. I have recently run into a couple of 16th and 17th century German images that show just such an arrangement. … Continue reading

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18th century Sailor’s food – Ships Provisions

Just to give an idea of the variety or lack there of, in the 18th century sailor’s diet. Provisions listed for the British ship Bellona 74 guns in 1760 listed as provisions for 650 men for four months. Beef 5200 … Continue reading

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Another Cheesecake

This “cheesecake” is easy and tasty.  As you can see from the above recipe from Eliza Smiths 1739 “The Compleat Housewife”, it is basically a 1/3 potato, 1/3 egg and 1/3 butter tart with some sugar and nutmeg added for … Continue reading

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Ship’s bread or hard tack as it was known in the 19th century was a staple of the sailor’s diet in the 18th and 19th century and was also frequently issued to soldiers and used by other long distance travelers. … Continue reading

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Grocer Advertisement from Boston 1732

It can be hard at times to fathom just exactly what and what was not commonly available to folks in the North American colonies during the 18th century, but we do have some written accounts that can help.   Here is … Continue reading

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