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18th Century Vermicelli Pudding aka Kugel

This is an interesting vermicelli pudding from 1784 edition of  The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse. 1 Pint Milk 4 Oz Vermicelli Ground Cinnamon to taste 1 Cup Heavy Cream 4 Oz Melted Butter 4 … Continue reading

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Puddings in Haste!

In the 18th century, puddings were once a culinary staple of much of the western world. Many types existed but most called for long cooking times. Hasty puddings (or as they were often called “puddings in haste”) became popular for … Continue reading

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Suet, Part Four: A Few Recipes.

While perusing several 18th century cookbooks, I’ve identified and included below a selection of recipes using suet. I chose these recipes because they seem to be fairly typical representations of food categories which commonly use suet: puddings, dumplings, pastry crusts, … Continue reading

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A White Pot Recipe

  “A white-pot custard for my white-pot queen,” cried Kemp, waving his bauble. “Mark this boy,…A white-pot mermaid custard, with a crust, lashings of cream, eggs, apple-pulse and spice, a little sugar, and manchet bread. Away! Be Swift!” (Tales of … Continue reading

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