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Kitchen Pepper Recipes

I have a friend who is an award-winning BBQ pit master. Follow your nose through my sleepy little hometown on any given Saturday, and that unmistakable aroma of meat on the grill will lead you straight to him. You can … Continue reading

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18th and Early 19th Century Cookbooks: Searchable, and FREE.

We have a modest collection of cookbooks, both old and modern, as well as secondary resources related to the topic 18th century cooking here in my office. I appreciate being able to read other people’s interpretations of the old recipes, to see … Continue reading

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Currant Challenges

I’ve written in past posts about the challenges of interpreting period recipes. I know I’m not alone in this. If you have tried making sense of some of the old recipes, you know what I’m taking about. It can be … Continue reading

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Scotch Eggs

If you’re trying Scotch eggs for the first time, you’re in for a treat! A popular snack food in the U.K., Scotch eggs can be found there in grocery stores, gas stations, and everywhere in between. I had my first Scotch … Continue reading

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Stinging Nettle Soup

I have many memories from my formative boyhood years of tromping through the woods, discovering nature, getting dirty, and hunting for anything with more than (or less than) two legs with which I could startle my poor dear mother. Occasionally, the call … Continue reading

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A Ragout of French Beans

I find it serendipitous to stumble upon a familiar term in a centuries-old text — a term I use in my modern conversation, yet, one that has retained its meaning throughout the centuries. As a young boy, I would go out to the cornfields … Continue reading

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Chocolate: “A Light and Wholesome Breakfast”

Chocolate is probably the most celebrated food in western civilization…okay, you’re right; there is bacon, but besides that… Many of our most decadent desserts are made with it. We flavor our coffee with it and brew our beer to taste … Continue reading

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