Cranberry Sauce and Cranberry Tart

Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_04_58;09)

I love Amelia Simmons’ recipe for her cranberry sauce. It’s stew, strain, and sweeten. How difficult could it be right? We’re going to use the same techniques that we used when we made our currant jelly and a currant tart, so we’re going to make the sauce and then a tart.



  • 2 pounds Cranberries
  • Sugar
  • 1 Paste or Pie Crust

Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_02_45;17)Add just enough water to cranberries in cooking pot to cover and boil about 15 minutes until skins break open.Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_02_53;12)


Mash up cranberries to desired consistency (Be aware that cranberries stain everything).Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_03_46;03)


Strain in jelly bag.Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_03_26;01)


Add about the same amount of sugar as you have cranberry sauce to the cranberries and simmer another 10-15 minutes.

Pour half of cranberries into well buttered tart tin with paste, skimming off any foamy skin on top, and bake at 375 for about 25 minutes.Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_04_21;19)


Pour other half into bowl and allow to cool.Cranberry Sauce (Time 0_04_38;08)


Full Transcript:

Now, I’m making a double batch. I’ve got two pounds of cranberries and I’m going to add just enough water to them to cover them. These will need to boil about 15 minutes and as they do, you’ll begin to see the skin begin to break open.

These boiled for their 15 minutes. We’re going to take a masher and mash them up. You do have to remember that if you do cranberries like this, whatever you use to mash them in will permanently be stained a nice cranberry color.

Ok, these are nicely mashed up. If you don’t have a sieve like this, you can use a jelly bag just like we used in the currant jelly video.

Cranberry must have a lot of pectin because it’s already starting to set up.

Pour the contents back into our cooking pot. Let’s sugar it. We need to add about equal quantities, so you’re going to have to sort of guess this unless you measure exactly what you’ve got here, but I think we’ll guess pretty well here. We’re going to stick this back on the fire and let it simmer another 10 or 15 minutes.

Half of this, I’m going to pour into this tart tin with a paste. Any foamy skin that appears on the top of your tart, you can just skim that right off. The other half we’ll pour into our little bowl here. This is our cranberry sauce and it’s going to thicken as it cools. The tart, we’re going to bake at 375 for about 25 minutes. Make sure the tart pan is well buttered so that the crust doesn’t stick. We’re not going to sample these right now. We’re going to wait to put these together into this wonderful holiday feast. I want to thank you for joining us today as we savor the flavors and aromas of the 18th Century.

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