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A White Pot Recipe

  “A white-pot custard for my white-pot queen,” cried Kemp, waving his bauble. “Mark this boy,…A white-pot mermaid custard, with a crust, lashings of cream, eggs, apple-pulse and spice, a little sugar, and manchet bread. Away! Be Swift!” (Tales of … Continue reading

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The Overlooked Purslane

Just as it is across half of the United States, this part of Indiana where I live is under the oppressive effects of extreme drought. I’ve given up on my lawn. The grass crunches beneath my feet and breaks off … Continue reading

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Another Fine Resource

Here’s a link to an excellent resource for best (and worst) cooking, food-preparation, and home-remedy practices of southern England, compiled and published by William Ellis in 1750.

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Pan Perdu (or as we call it “French Toast”)

Who doesn’t like a nice big plate of French Toast? For me it brings back fond childhood memories of Saturday mornings — usually during the holidays when no one seemed to be in a hurry to change out of our … Continue reading

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Recipes Using Bread Crust Chips and Raspings

In response to our last post on 18th Century No-Knead “French” Bread, a reader asked us to share some original recipes that included crust chips and raspings as an ingredient. If the typical 18th century diet could be reduced down … Continue reading

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18th Century No-Knead “French” Bread

There have been a number of videos floating around on YouTube the past few years which present an interesting method of baking bread. It’s called “no-knead bread.” It’s an easy recipe that uses a simple dough baked in a Dutch … Continue reading

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Interpreting Measures

One has to be careful about deciphering the old recipes when it comes to measuring ingredients. It’s often not as easy as pulling the calculator out of the bill drawer and doing some simple arithmetic. It’s a common mistake to … Continue reading

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