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Dutch Ovens

  There seems to be a modern resurgence in baking in Dutch ovens, but this technique has been used for hundreds of years. Dutch ovens were commonly used in 18th century kitchens. They were known by various names and they … Continue reading

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The Best Bread Pudding Yet

The Best Bread Pudding yet from The Primitive Cookery Cookbook 1767 is a very simple bread pudding to make. Bread Pudding ¾ cup Flour 1 cup Bread Crumbs 4 oz. Raisins or Currants 2 tbsps. Sugar ½ tsp. ground Ginger … Continue reading

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Mock Passenger Pigeon Pie

Passenger pigeons were one of the most populous birds in the 18th and 19th century. There were billions of these birds on the planet. They were almost a scourge there were so many of them. They were very popular and … Continue reading

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Please Bring Back the Puddings!

I recently ran across online portions of an interesting book, edited by Harlan Walker, titled Disappearing Foods: Studies in Foods and Dishes at Risk (Prospect Books, 1995). The book includes an article written by Mary Wallace Kelsey called “The Pudding Club and … Continue reading


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18th Century No-Knead “French” Bread

There have been a number of videos floating around on YouTube the past few years which present an interesting method of baking bread. It’s called “no-knead bread.” It’s an easy recipe that uses a simple dough baked in a Dutch … Continue reading

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