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Cranberry Sauce and Cranberry Tart

I love Amelia Simmons’ recipe for her cranberry sauce. It’s stew, strain, and sweeten. How difficult could it be right? We’re going to use the same techniques that we used when we made our currant jelly and a currant tart, … Continue reading

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Puddings in Haste!

In the 18th century, puddings were once a culinary staple of much of the western world. Many types existed but most called for long cooking times. Hasty puddings (or as they were often called “puddings in haste”) became popular for … Continue reading

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Did George Washington use Ketchup?

O.k., so it may be an absurd question. The answer, however, is probably…but it may not be what you think. When I hear the word “KETCHUP,” the tangy tomato condiment immediately blots across the canvas my mind like a crimson … Continue reading

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